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· DinoBot User Manual Guidance


Welcome to DinoBot Supporters blog.

The DinoBot User Manual is an integrated manual for those who use DinoBot products. (U5PVR / U5Mini / 4K)

It is the most basic manual for using Dinobot products and explains all the functions of the product.

Please read this manual as it will help you to use the product.

This is based on the U5 product, but the way it works is the same.

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# Dinobot User Manual : Table of Contents

# Dinobot User Manual Part 00:Before explaination

# DinoBot User Manual Part 01:ATV Initial Setup Assistant 1

# DinoBot User Manual Part 02:ATV Initial Setup Assistant 2

# DinoBot User Manual Part 03:ATV Initial Setup Assistant 3

# DinoBot User Manual Part 04:ATV Home Launcher Setup

# DinoBot User Manual Part 05:Firmware Upgrade & Backup/Restore

# DinoBot User Manual Part 06:ATV Settings 1

# Dinobot User Manual Part 07:ATV Settings 2

# DinoBot User Manual Part 08:Android Setting

# DinoBot User Manual Part 09:LIVE TV - DVB S/T tuner

# DinoBot User Manual Part 10:LIVE TV - Dual ATSC tuner

# DinoBot User Manual Part 11:LIVE TV - Watching & Recording 1

# DinoBot User Manual Part 12:LIVE TV - Watching & Recording 2

# DinoBot User Manual Part 13:IPTV watching

# DinoBot User Manual Part 14:HiFile Manager How to use

# Dinobot User Manual Part 15:Media Center How to use

# DinoBot User Manual Part 16:Magicsing Assa Karaoke App How to use

· Dinobot User Manual Part 17:HITVRemote How to use

Note that the text color and the orange color are important parts of the content setting.

In Part 17, you will learn how to use the HITV Remote.

First of all, I think you need to explain what the HITV Remote is.
HiTi Remote is a function that can remotely control U5 using smart phone or smart pad (smart device).
HiTiRemote is a mirror control application designed for U5. It is an important app that fill the gap in U5.
For remote apps that work with existing Android TV players, they provide simple control functions.
HiTi Remote offers mirror control that goes up from the simple control function.
The mirror control function allows you to view the screen of the smart device and operate the U5 in the way that the U5 screen is directly visible on the smart device.
Since the sound is transmitted without delay at the same time as the control, the smart device can also serve as a sub monitor in U5.
Since a normal TV does not have a touch function, remote control, keyboard, and mouse are required for U5 operation.
At this time, U5 can be operated by touch method like smart device without keyboard or mouse by using HiTi remote.

The utilization rate of HiTi remote is enormous.
1. If you want to repair your TV when it breaks down or use U5 during your new purchase, you can connect it to your smartphone and view it.
2. When your family is asleep, when you want to watch TV or watch movies quietly, you can connect and see yourself quietly.
3. It is also useful when you want to play games, search the Internet or watch TV in a similar situation such as video games on your TV with your PC turned on.
4. Even if you need to test whether the downloaded image appears well, you can turn on the TV and test it easily.
There are many other uses.

Your app has been updated, and the app you need to install has changed.
Install the app by searching 'HITVRemote' on the smart device and installing 'HiTVRemote for Dinobot boxes' version.

Install the 'HITV Remote for Hisilicon STB' app.
Prior to use, U5 and smart device must be connected to the same router, so you can use HiTiRemote app. If two routers are different, you can not use it.

When you execute it, the HITV Remote icon will appear and load.

A brief description of the app appears on first run after loading.

Your app description will be available on two pages in English.

1. Mirror control mode connection
2. TV channel mode connection
3. Setting the mirror control mode
4. TV channel mode setting
5. Check the connected device IP

Let 's go to' Mirror Control Mode Setting'

* Box selection: If you use multiple U5s, select it and connect.
* VIME: Turn virtual keyboard on / off
* Video: Turn video output on / off
* Audio: Turn audio output on / off
* Vibrator: Vibrate effect on / off
* Hint: Review the simple app description on first run
* About: Show app version information

You can turn on all necessary functions, but HiTi Remote app will output screen and audio in real time.

There is no 'connected box' for connection. 'Please press.
If the message 'Please connect STB' is displayed, it is not possible to connect with U5 normally.
Please reboot U5 or check if U5 and smart device are connected to same WiFi.

The IP address of connectable U5 is displayed.
Please press IP address.

Pressing the connectable IP address displays the IP address.
Press 'Mirror Controller' to access mirror control mode.

1. Back
2. Mirror control menu

1. Power off
2. ATV home screen move
3. Exit mirror control mode
4. Same as the remote control Menu key
5. Adjust the volume
6. Mouse Mode
7. Game Mode
8. Remote control key mode

You can adjust the volume by pressing the volume control button.
Just move your finger on the volume bar.

Remote key mode.
1. Mode switching
2. ATV home screen move
3. Same as the remote control Menu key
4. Turn off the sound
5. Raise the volume
6. Reduce the volume
7. Remote control direction key
8. Open the numeric keypad
9. Back

Pressing the numeric keypad open button brings up the numeric keypad.
Pressing space will disappear.

Mode switching 'mouse mode / remote key mode / game mode' can be switched among the three.

Game mode.

1. Switching the joystick mode
2. Switching the sensor mode
3. Mode switching

Joystick mode is the right mode for emulation games

Sensor mode is suitable for racing game.

Mouse mode.
1. Mode switching
2. ATV home screen move
3. Same as the remote control Menu key
4. Turn off the sound
5. Raise the volume
6. Reduce the volume
7. Mouse Pointer Operation
8. Open the numeric keypad
9. Back

The default is to move up and down and left and right to operate as a direction key.

Shake your smart device once to switch to mouse mode.
When you move the smart device, the mouse point moves according to the movement.

Because HiTi Remote is a touch, it can be input with a virtual keypad without a keyboard.

Press 4 to access 'TV channel mode setting'.

Click 'Enter server address'

Enter an IP address that can be associated with U5.

If you do not know the IP address, enter the same IP address in the back.
Press 'Remote TVHList' to connect to TV channel mode.

To play a channel, press and hold the desired channel to display a pop-up menu.
When the U5 power is on, the pop-up menu operates in Standby mode. 'Is displayed.
In order to use TV channel mode, U5 must be switched to power standby mode.
Press the power button on the top and press the power button once on the remote control to put it into power standby mode.
When the button turns red, the power is on standby.

The channel where EPG data is provided displays the current broadcasting information and the next broadcasting information under the channel name.

Press and hold the desired channel to display the pop-up menu.
Channels that do not have EPG data have 'Play / Update channel information' menu.
Please note that terrestrial broadcasters automatically import EPGs, but cable broadcasts can not import EPG data.

If you install an app that allows live streaming on your smart device, like "BSPlayer FREE"

You can stream real-time broadcasting on your smart device.
It is good to use when you want to watch TV quietly alone all night when family is asleep.

Press and hold the desired channel to display the pop-up menu.
Channels with EPG data have 'Play / Record / Update channel information' menu.
Note that channels without EPG data do not support recording via HiTi Remote..

Channels with EPG data can be recorded by pressing the REC button.
A red circle icon is displayed behind the title of the broadcast during recording.

If you press and hold the recording channel, a popup menu will be displayed.
Press the 'Stop recording' button to immediately stop the current recording.
Recorded files remain until you press the REC button.

If the broadcast is stopped in the middle, the X icon is displayed after the broadcast title.

If you press and hold the stopped channel, a popup menu will be displayed.
When you record an unwanted broadcast, you can delete the file by pressing the 'Delete Recorded File' button.

Press the desired recording name and press the 'Record' button.
Scheduled recording shows a clock icon behind the broadcast title.

To cancel the scheduled recording, press the desired broadcast name and press the 'Stop Recording' button.
If you cancel the scheduled recording, the clock icon disappears after the broadcast title.

Press the 'Menu' button on the remote control to open the menu.
You can check the recording schedule by pressing the Record button on the menu.

In the TV channel mode, it is possible to schedule real-time viewing and simple recording with a smart device.
For detailed recording, U5 built-in recording function should be used.

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# DinoBot User Manual Part 17:HITVRemote-Remote TVHList How to use

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