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The DinoBot User Manual is an integrated manual for those who use DinoBot products. (U5PVR / U5Mini / 4K)

It is the most basic manual for using Dinobot products and explains all the functions of the product.

Please read this manual as it will help you to use the product.

This is based on the U5 product, but the way it works is the same.

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# Dinobot User Manual : Table of Contents

# Dinobot User Manual Part 00:Before explaination

# DinoBot User Manual Part 01:ATV Initial Setup Assistant 1

# DinoBot User Manual Part 02:ATV Initial Setup Assistant 2

# DinoBot User Manual Part 03:ATV Initial Setup Assistant 3

· Dinobot User Manual Part 04:ATV Home Launcher Setup

Note that the text color and the orange color are important parts of the content setting.

In Part 04, you will learn about ATV home screen configuration.

This is the ATV home screen that you can see first when Dinobot 4K/U5 box boots up.
The home screen consists of 6 rows: "Search, Referrals, System Apps, Games, Apps, and Settings."

The top row is the "Search and time" row.

Here you can search for voice and keyboard, and the current time is displayed on the right.

Voice search can only be done through the supplied Bluetooth remote control. For voice search, pairing (connection between device and device) of the Bluetooth remote provided with U5 should be done.
The supplied Bluetooth remote control operates in two ways: IR (same as the basic TV remote control) and Bluetooth.
Since pairing works in addition to voice recognition, it also has the effect of speeding up the reaction rate.

To pair the Bluetooth remote control, click on the "gear" button on the top right/left of the remote control for about 5 seconds. At this time, the pairing mode is activated when the white LED rapidly flashes on the LED lamp for remote control operation at the top.

When the pairing mode is activated, the message 'Searching for Bluetooth remote control ...' is displayed and 'U5 Remote' is displayed.

Press the 'OK' button on the remote control to proceed with the pairing operation.

If the message "Paired" appears, the pairing process is complete normally.
if you fail to pair BT Remote, please try it again.

If you go to 'ATV Setup - Remotel & Accessory' item, you can confirm that U5 Remote is connected normally.

When you ready with BT voice RCU, you can setup "Google Assistant"
Please press "Mic" button on BT remote control. then you can see below first setup for Google Assistant.

then Press Continue,

And follow step.

And follow step.

And follow step.

Now ready to use Google Assistant.

Voice search is available by pressing the voice search button at the top or pressing the microphone button at the bottom of the Bluetooth remote control.

If you hear "Listening ..." at the bottom, press the microphone button and talk.

When you speak your desired search term, you'll see the search term at the bottom.

Search information related to a specific app, such as YouTube, launches a specific app directly.

In addition to voice search, you can search the keyboard.

Simply enter your search terms and press the Search button.

Displays information for that query.

This is the "Featured" line.

If you have apps with recommended features such as YouTube or Google Play installed, you can see recommended videos or apps here.

Enter 'ATV Setup - Main Screen - Featured Line' to set the app to display in the Featured Line.

When the default app or app is installed, it is enabled by default.
In the ATV setting, if the circle is on the right side, it is inactive if it is on the left side of the activation.

The "System" app row.

The system app is made up of 7 apps.

- Live TV: This app is for watching live broadcasts and recording broadcasts using coaxial cable(DVB S/T/C, and ATSC tuner)
- IPTV: It helps to connect the address of real-time video and audio streaming broadcast.
- Media Center: This is the default app for playing media files of video, audio and photos.
- High File Manager: It has the same function as Media Center and can install additional APK backup file stored in USB.
- Miracle cast: It shows the smartphone screen on U5 and it should support Miracle cast function in smartphone.
- MAG IPTV : IPTV App for Stalker servers.
- MagicSing : Karaoke APP. 

This is the "game" row.

Because it is only visible during game installation, the first purchaser does not seem to have a game installed.

The "Apps" row.

U5 will only display ATV based apps when searching for apps through the built-in Google Player Market and will show up here when installing ATV based apps.

You can install apps based on smart devices separately, and apps based on smart devices are displayed separately as 'App Manager' in the setting window.

The 'Settings' row.

- ATV setting: ATV function setting can be done.
- Power: Set the power on / off.
- Network: Set up a wired & wireless Internet connection.
- Settings: You can configure Mobile Android functions and most of the same functions are included in ATV setting.
- App Manager: Provides an icon for running apps based on smart devices.

Wi-Fi settings are available.

If you are using wired internet, you can switch to wired internet by disabling remote control WiFi.

Power items are divided into three.

- Standby: Standby power. When the power is on standby, the time is displayed on the U5's LCD screen, and only the screen is turned off for a while.
- Restart: You can reboot your device if there is a problem with your device.
- PowerSave: Power off state. When the power is turned off, the U5's LCD screen is blank and responds by rebooting to the next power button operation, leaving only the minimum amount of power available to respond to remote control activity.
* If you do not use PowerSave for a long time, please turn off the power completely by pressing the power button on the back of the main body.
* With regard to the power source, pressing the power button of the remote control once will double-click the power standby state to operate the power shutdown state.

App manager launch screen.

Apps for smart devices can be found here and run.

You can delete the app by pressing the 'Menu' button on the remote control on the App Manager screen.

- Default start: Initialize your app's settings.
- Uninstall: Delete the app.
* U5 System apps can not be deleted and can only be initialized.

Press "OK" to delete the app.

When you initialize your app's settings, you'll get instant messages without prompting.

 Here I explain how to install Android TV App from Google Player for Android TV.
Execute "Google Player Store" in Home launcher

Find and launch the Google Play Store app.

Click the Search icon on the Google Play main screen.

Enter your app  by voice or keyboard search and press the search button.

There are various apps.

You can install the app you want.

Click 'Install' to proceed with the installation.

If the download is complete and the message 'Installing ...' appears, it is not possible to interrupt the operation.

If 'Install' is changed to 'Open', installation is complete.

Example to open X-plore File Manager

Press and hold the 'OK' button on the remote control in the app or game line, you can move and delete the app in 'Change App Display Location' mode.

In "Change App Display Location" mode, the background color turns gray.

Select the app you want and drop it to the trash can icon to remove it.

Press "OK" to delete the app.

In "Change App Display Location" mode, you can change the display position of your app by moving the desired app up / down / left / right.

You can change the location of your apps in order of your favorite apps.

After changing to the desired position, press the 'OK' button on the remote control.

When you return to the ATV home screen by pressing the 'Exit' key on the remote control, the location of the app will change.

If there is no movement for the set time in the main screen, execute the screen saver.

Go to 'ATV Setup - Screen Saver' and you can configure it.

- Backdrop: Take photos from the Internet and display them.
- Color: Displays the color of the rainbow color.
- Clock: Displays the current date and time.

- Turn screen off : Disables the screen saver.

Set the start time and run the screen saver if there is no movement for the set time.

You can set up to 5 minutes and up to 2 hours.

When the device is set to the power save mode, the device is put into the power standby state if there is no movement for the set time.

It can be used for at least 30 minutes to 12 hours and can be set to OFF.

Now start screen saver test is possible.

If you press and hold the 'Home' (home) button on the remote control, 'App Launch List' is displayed, so you can quickly re-launch the app you previously ran.

If you lower the app you want to close, it will not appear in the app launch list until the next time you run it.

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# DinoBot User Manual Part 05:Firmware Upgrade & Backup/Restore

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