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HiTVRemote APK Android 8.0 support update

ENGLISH/Firmware Update News 2018. 7. 17. 20:31

· HiTVRemote APK Android 8.0 support update


HI. This is DinoBot Supporters.

HiTVRemote App Android 8.0(Oreo) support update will be able to guide you.

· Update contents



The HiTVRemote app was only available to users up to and including the Android 7.0(Nougat) version.

As the number of smartphones with Android 8.0 increased, and according to the update request of users, there was update support for HiTVRemote App Android 8.0 on July 11, 2018.


There are two HiTVRemote apps in the Google Play Store.

Users who use Android version 7.0 smart device will install 'HiTVRemote eNuga for U5PVR' app and use it.

Users using smart devices up to Android version 6.0 use 'HiTVRemote for Hisilicon STB'.

Of these, ' HiTVRemote for Hisilicon STB ' app has been renamed to ' HiTVRemote for Dinobot boxes ' app as a new version is being updated.


With this update, you can install the 'HiTVRemote for Dinobot boxes' app regardless of the version of the smart device.

If you are using a smart device up to Android version 6.0 and have already used 'HiTVRemote for Hisilicon STB' app, you can use it as it is.

Users of Android smartphone version 7.0 will be automatically updated with the new 'HiTVRemote for Dinobot boxes' app when they use 'HiTVRemote eNuga for U5PVR' app.

Users who are using smart devices up to version 6.0 of Android among new users will find two apps.

Install the 'HiTVRemote for Dinobot boxes' app.


In summary, existing users will use the existing apps as they are.

New users use 'HiTVRemote for Dinobot boxes' app regardless of smart device version.

When the app is installed, the icon of 'HiTVRemote eNuga' app will be created.

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