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U5 Series Firmware Update [2019.05.02]

ENGLISH/Firmware Update News 2019. 5. 3. 03:40

· U5 Series Firmware Update [2019.05.02]


Hi. I'm DinoBot Supporters.
U5 Series 2019.05.02 The date firmware was updated.

Please update only those who have problems with the update below since the update of 2014.04.26.

· ATV7 Update contents


1. Fixed automatic Mac address reprogramming problem in case of Netflix key error.

- If you are having trouble with Netflix, please check the Mac address of the product.

If the MAC address does not start with 00: 11: AD, it will not be automatically reprogrammed.

· ATV8 Update contents


1. Fixed problem stopping in U5 Deluxe Standby mode.

2. Fixed the problem that EPG key works incorrectly in BT RCU.

3. Fixed an issue where Netflix 4K video only runs up to 1K.


Because it is still in beta, it only supports OTA update via update server.

· Firmware manual download link


· Full Version : Update after device initialization.(all installed apps and all settings are initialized.)

· Normal Version : Update without device initialization.(Existing apps and settings are available.)


# U5PVR Deluxe
· Full Version :
· Normal Version :

# U5PVR Slim
· Full Version :
· Normal Version :

# U5Mini (PVR&OTT Integrated firmware)
· Full Version :
· Normal Version :

· Previous version firmware download link


If you want to download the firmware of the previous version, please check the device carefully and download the firmware version.

If you download firmware other than your device, you may not be able to use the device.

· U5PVR Firmware download :

· U5Mini Firmware download :

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