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U5 Series Firmware Update [2018.11.23]

ENGLISH/Firmware Update News 2018. 12. 3. 20:09

· U5 Series Firmware Update [2018.11.23]


Hi. I'm DinoBot Supporters.

U5 Series 2018.11.23 The date firmware was updated.

· Update contents


This update is an urgent action update for the links below.


1. 4K high resolution video Fixed the phenomenon of screen stoppage when playing media center.

2. Fixed a few problems with PVR scheduled recording.

3. Improvements related to BT Pairing after full version upgrade.


Miscellaneous errors have been improved.

· U5Mimi ATV8 Beta Update Instructions


With this update, ATV8 (Android 8) beta version of U5Mini can be used.

Because it is still in beta, it only supports OTA update via update server.

U5PVR users will receive ATV8 version support after the official version update of U5Mini product.


ATV8 version is in beta, so there are many things to improve.

The media center was not included in the update, especially because the media center was not working properly.


ATV8 non-implementation details are as follows.


1. CEC function not implemented.

2. AOL (Android Over Linux) function not implemented.

3. Backup / Restore function not implemented.

4. Media center function not implemented.


ATV7 <==> ATV8 is supported by OTA but all user data will be erased, so please be aware that you can use it only if you want to test the beta version.

· Firmware manual download link


· Full Version : Update after device initialization.(all installed apps and all settings are initialized.)

· Normal Version : Update without device initialization.(Existing apps and settings are available.)


# U5PVR:Deluxe

· Full Version :

· Normal Version :


# U5PVR:Slim

· Full Version :

· Normal Version :


# U5Mini (PVR&OTT Integrated firmware)

· Full Version :

· Normal Version :

· Previous version firmware download link


If you want to download the firmware of the previous version, please check the device carefully and download the firmware version.

If you download firmware other than your device, you may not be able to use the device.

# U5PVR Firmware download :

# U5Mini Firmware download :

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