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2018.10.08 The date firmware was updated.

· Update contents

This update is an urgent action update for the links below.

# U5 Internal memory There is a symptom that the data storage is full.

As a result, the following changes are available and can be updated via the firmware auto update feature:

1. Removing chrome cast functionality.

Confirmed that the internal memory data store is full and that the conflict with the chrome cast has been confirmed.
You must have an authorization key to use Chrome Cast.
U5 is a product that did not receive official authentication from Google, so the development team understood that the internal data was exhausted in the process of storing the error message related to the authentication key.
As a result, the chrome cast function has been removed.

For more information about chrome cast functionality, you need to be certified by Google to use chrome cast functionality.
You can only use the Chrome Cast feature on products that have been officially certified by Google.
Google has been working hard to get the official certification, but it is not easy to get Google certification.
I have been informed that the various conditions presented by Google are difficult to certify.
Xiaomi is a big company, and Xiaomi is big company, so it is easy to get Google authentication because it has a lot of sales, but U5 is very difficult to be certified because it is similar to startup company when it comes to Google.
Currently, the certification period of the ATV7 version of Google is over and the ATV8 version needs to be updated and certified.
It will be updated to ATV8 version within the year, and the development team is working hard to get official certification of Google next year.
If you receive Google Certification, you can use Chrome Cast function normally.
If you look at the related product market now, it is necessary to have the official certification of Google because there is difference in the product sales volume with and without the official authentication title of Google.
As sales increase, users get various benefits.
The biggest part of the benefit is the launch of new products and the ongoing management of products.
Due to the nature of the device, after a certain period of time, the limit is reached and the time for replacement with a new product comes.
I would like to be able to get a Google certification next year because it is possible to develop the next product with better performance and function if the sales volume is large.

· Firmware manual download link

· Full Version : Update after device initialization.(all installed apps and all settings are initialized.)

· Normal Version : Update without device initialization.(Existing apps and settings are available.)

# U5PVR:Deluxe

· Full Version : http://U4Quad.iptime.org/firmware/atv7/deluxe/U5Quad_BADA/full/update.zip

· Normal Version : http://U4Quad.iptime.org/firmware/atv7/deluxe/U5Quad_BADA/default/update.zip

# U5Mini (PVR&OTT Integrated firmware)

· Full Version : http://U4Quad.iptime.org/firmware/atv7/mini/full/update.zip

· Normal Version : http://U4Quad.iptime.org/firmware/atv7/mini/default/update.zip

· Previous version firmware download link

If you want to download the firmware of the previous version, please check the device carefully and download the firmware version.
If you download firmware other than your device, you may not be able to use the device.

# U5Mini Firmware download : https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1ZriruzYss2jWLegG8lkSNA46MN2LmaUY?ogsrc=32

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