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A bug has been reported from users 2 days ago that the U5 internal memory data store changes to Full.

Symptoms that occur when the internal memory data changes to Full in the storage include the following symptoms.

1. SAMBA servers can not access.

2. Google-related apps are often floating error symptoms.

3. Netflix, an error message pop up during play can not be played.

4. Linux system files can not be saved.

5. Not install Android apps.

These symptoms are happening now.

There is no problem when you use it for a while but a bug has been reported as a problem when using for a long time.

The development team has identified the symptom and is looking for a solution.

Once the device is rebooted, the symptoms will disappear, but the same symptoms will occur after a long period of use after rebooting.

We will inform you of the temporary measures.

Please use after applying the following method.

1. Select ' ATV Setting - apps '.

2. In the System app, select the ' Chromecast built-in ' app.

3. Please press ' Disable '.

4. Please press ' OK '.

5. If it changes to ' Enable ' , it is normal.

In this state, reboot the device and use it.

The development team said that you will try hard to solve it as soon as possible.

We recommend you use it as a temporary measure even if it is inconvenient until the resolved firmware comes out.

In addition, we are currently working on upgrading to Android ATV 8 version and Google authentication, and we plan to upgrade ATV8 version within this year.

If you get Google certification, you can use chrome cast function.

Even if you are uncomfortable, please trust the development team and you will be upgraded to a more advanced product.

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